Peace Observers for Muslim Texas Capital Day

is participating in the following event. She hopes to see you there, and has offered to carpool with others.

A message from Banafsheh Madaninejad:

We are still in need of peace observers for Muslim Texas Capital Day on Jan 31 (a Tuesday), from 9:00-noon (you don’t have to make it the whole time–the press conference is from 10:30-11:30 [that’s when we need you the most]). This is the day when Muslims from all over Texas come to lobby their cause–things like exposing the anti-Shari’a bill, a ridiculous laws manufactured solely to whip up Islamophobia and appease a Trump-leaning electorate. There is no place for Shari’a in the US legal system and lawmakers know that.

The peace observers (no prior training necessary) will be creating a human chain around the 400 or so Muslims gathering around the Texas Capital steps. We have actually received threats. The top brass at the Council of American Muslim Relations (CAIR) were thinking about moving the event to the nearby church but decided against it. We are Americans, we will stand our ground. Rep. Celia Israel has sent an email asking other Texas representatives to join her on the steps that day in support of citizens exercising their rights. Your participation would mean a lot. 2 years ago an over-zealous activist went through the lobbyists, made it to the podium and took over the mic and said some Islamophobic stuff. We’re trying to keep that from happening again.

Please contact Joe Forbes at to sign up.

In solidarity,

Banafsheh Madaninejad
Visiting Assistant Professor,
Departments of Philosophy and Religion
Southwestern University
Georgetown, TX