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You may print this form and mail it with your deposit; To send the form electronically, type the two words shown into the box below them. If you cannot read them, click the blue "recycle" button to get a new pair of challenge words.
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This form is a not a guarantee for reservation of space. You will be contacted within one week of receipt of this form concerning the status of your request. Any questions should be addressed to the church office at 472-2445 or send us mail.

To confirm your reservation, a deposit must accompany this form: $50 (non-refundable). If we are unable to accommodate you, we will refund your deposit, but that is the only circumstances under which it will be refunded. The date is not on our calendar until we receive this form AND your deposit. Bring or mail to CPC, attn: Office Manager, 200 East Eighth St., Austin TX 78701.

All fees are due two weeks before the event.

Fees: Please refer to CPC's Booking Events page to determine the fees for your event. Feel free to contact the church office for assistance in determining your specific charges!
With your payment, please sign and return CPC's Liability Statement.

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Updated: 19 Sept 2016