Adult Sunday Morning Classes

Our Christian Education team works to provide a selection of consistently engaging, enriching classes for adults (and youth who want to attend). Please contact or if you have any feedback, questions, or are interested in leading a class.

For complete information on our Jan – May 2017 classes, please see our Winter / Spring flyer (PDF, 287kB).

January 8 – February 12
Embracing the Prophets
Walter Bruggemann, Old Testament scholar, walks us through the poetic prophets of the Hebrew Scripture in his video series, suggesting that there are deep connections between their voices and roles then, and their relevance now.
This course will explore messages of the prophets both then and now, steps we can take to reclaim the prophetic message of distributive justice and nonviolence, as well as our own personal role in bringing forth God’s perspective to a world desperate for a word of hope.
Participant books for the class from Amazon are $13 (new), $12 (Kindle) and used (prices vary). Scholarships are available; contact Mary Swierenga at
— Led by Jack Barden and Sarah de la Fuente
in Room 103

January 8 – February 12
CPC: Accountable Community of Faith
A discussion class. After reading the appointed Lectionary passages for that Sunday, we will reflect on their meaning and we will consider their implications for Central Presbyterian as a faithful community. Bring your own Bible; extras will be available for use in class.
— Facilitated by Mary Jo Hernandez and Sam Riccobene
in the Library (Room 201)