Adult Sunday Morning Classes

Our Christian Education team works to provide a selection of consistently engaging, enriching classes for adults (and youth who want to attend). Please contact or if you have any feedback, questions, or are interested in leading a class.
Read further for details on our current offerings… or download our flyer for Fall 2015 classes! (PDF)

Water Wisdom

Water Wisdom: An Exploration of Water and Its Importance in Biblical Times and Today
Experts from CPC and the broader Austin community will present classes on the importance of water as metaphor and as a life-sustaining substance. Topics include Austin’s water supply and the Edwards Aquifer; the water/energy nexus, the connection between water, transportation and land use planning; the state enforcement agency; and citizen advocacy organizations.

Jan. 3 Andy Sansom: General overview of water in Texas
Jan. 10 Rev. Sam Brannon: The Bible, water, and our obligation to care for the earth
Jan. 17 Brita Hansen: What the Bible has to say about water
Jan. 24 Lauren Ross: The implications of drought and climate change, and actions to ensure Austin’s future water security
Jan. 31 Ruthie Redmond: State law, its enforcement and weaknesses, and the importance of citizens’ advocacy organizations
Feb. 7 David Foster: The water/energy nexus, water and land use, and transportation

Coordinated by Karin Ascot
Meets in Smoot Hall

Bread, Bath and Beyond

January 3 to February 7
Bread, Bath and Beyond: Why We Do What We Do In Worship and the Takeaway for You and Me
Christian worship has evolved since Jesus’ ministry, coming down to us through many iterations and continuing to change as we express humankind’s gratitude and awe for God’s creation and activity. The form and order of worship in the Presbyterian Church USA is diverse, it seeks to be inclusive, and it’s also changing even as we undertake this six-week study. The class will explore worship at CPC, as well as the proposed revisions to the PC USA Directory for Worship, and will do so through thoughtful contributions by presenters and discussion among participants.

Led by Sam Riccobene, Mary Swierenga and others.
Meets in Library