HVAC Replacement

The time has finally come to say good-bye to an old friend. A decision has been made by the Session to embark on a plan to replace the current HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system and include possible new lighting. The existing system was originally installed in the early 1950s with about a 30 year life expectancy. It has served us well but we look forward to a new energy efficient and reliable system for the congregation.

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A Basic Introduction to the Islamic Tradition

A CPC Mosaic Event
Taught by Rev. Dr. Whitney Bodman,
Austin Presbyterian Theological SeminarySundays at 9:30 am, in Smoot Fellowship Hall

July 31: Muhammad and the Qur’an
August 7: Islamic law and practice
August 14: Islam in the modern world: diversity, adaptation and rejection

This is a basic introduction to the Islamic tradition with comparisons to Christianity and sometimes Judaism and other traditions.  When we study another tradition, our natural reference point will be our own tradition.  It is important to make careful comparisons, associations, noting similarities and contrasts.
The first two classes will describe the tradition with careful attention to its diversity through history in practice, culture and theology.
The last class will attempt to put headlines in context, including some background on al-Qa’ida and ISIS, though we will try not to stray too much into geo-politics and other areas beyond the religious.

The Belhar Confession

It was a Sunday afternoon thirty years ago. I, and a small group of members from the church I served, were demonstrating against apartheid in front of the home of the South African Consulate General in Seattle, Washington. Why was I there? Because of the Gospel and Allan Boesak, a black South African clergyman, and an outspoken opponent to apartheid. I was inspired by his proclamation of the gospel that because Jesus is Lord and Savior Christians are called to move from the sanctuary of the church into the streets of South Africa to oppose apartheid.
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The Orlando Massacre

Was it a terrorist attack? A violent outburst of an emotionally ill person? A homophobic hate crime? Maybe it was all three. In the last year we have witnessed Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels and now Orlando. In the face of the brutality, mayhem and carnage of these events our fears turn quickly to terrorism. That is understandable, but an important aspect of last Sunday’s bloodbath may get underreported. This particular massacre is just one episode in a history of violence against one particular group of people: strong gay men, beautiful lesbian women, and liberated bi-sexual and transgendered men and women.

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Church Identity Survey: A step toward calling a new lead pastor

To discern whom the Holy Spirit is calling to be senior pastor of CPC, the Transition Team seeks to know as much as possible about our church’s strengths, needs, and aspirations. Please respond to this ten-question survey by June 10 to be included in our survey results. Your input will be enormously valuable!


The CPC Transition Team
Will Slade, Gloria Walls, Dan Chamberlin, Martha Collins, Alice Day, Gary Gibbs, Kendrick Sledge