Hanging of the Greens


The Wednesday following Thanksgiving is our special Hanging of the Green Service (HOTG.) This is a multi-generational service, where all are invited to participate.

The HOTG tells of the meanings behind the different symbols Christians use during the Advent & Christmas season. It is a way to go into Advent with the true meaning of Christmas before us, rather than the "get it now" push we get in everyday life. Why DO we use pine and holly as "Christmas greens?" "The Holly and the Ivy" tells us why. Why do we decorate our sanctuary with a big tree and hang pretty gold and white ornaments on it? You'll learn the meaning of the word "Chrismon" and what each individual Chrismon means. This is a wonderful service for all, but especially for those with children and teens.

Everyone who attends CPC is invited to participate, from youngest to oldest. We have Chrismon readers (groups where 1 or more read about the Chrismons and the other hold up the Chrismons to see) regular readers, (they're explaining other Christian symbols, before we get to the Chrismons,) garland hangers, and our choir members (Children's and Adult) bring us beautiful music. Bakers in the church may enjoy bringing a favorite "finger food" dessert for the dessert reception.

Supper is served in Smoot Hall from 5:15-6:15 (notice the earlier times this night,) we move to the sanctuary for the service, then we return briefly to Smoot Hall for a dessert reception.

Sign-up is from late October through mid-November on a list that is on the board next to the flower calendar in the hall.

This is a "no-stress" service - no rehearsals at all! Participants will receive their parts and instructions via email the week before Thanksgiving. It is important that participants read over the instructions, since there are no rehearsals.

If you're interested, but want to understand more, here is the script - it varies slightly from year to year, but this is a recent version: Hanging of the Greens script. (PDF)