Services and Times


Our 11:00 am worship is a traditional-style service that lasts about an hour, occasionally a little longer. Communion is served the first Sunday of each month, and our table is open to all.

The last Sunday of each month is "Invite a Friend to Church" day, with a potluck lunch following the service. There is plenty of food, coffee, juice, and fellowship for everyone. Please join us!

You can also read and listen to sermons by our pastors and others.

More information is available on the What to Expect page.

Special Services and Offerings
One Great Hour of Sharing (received on Easter Sunday) is a special offering which supports programs internationally for sustainable development, emergency relief, social services and refugee advocacy and resettlement. OGHS also supports ministries both domestically and internationally for disaster preparedness and response.

Youth Sunday is (usually) on Mother's Day. Students in grades 5 through 12 plan, prepare, and deliver all aspects of the 11:00 worship service, including prayer, music, proclamation, and response.

On the first Sunday of October, World Communion is celebrated in Christian Churches all over the world. At Central Presbyterian, we celebrate the diversity of our congregation, and of the world, by the use of breads of the world for communion instead of traditional communion wafers. We also ask our members to dress in their native costumes for church, and we drape our communion table in cloths from around the world. Also, on this Sunday, we receive the Peacemaking offering, which supports efforts for international cooperation based on fair trade, respect for diversity, and concern for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

The Pentecost offering (received in the summer) benefits children at risk and faith-focused ministries for youth and young adults locally, nationally, and around the world.

The Christmas Joy Offering (received in December) supports the Board of Pensions, assists ethnic schools and colleges, and provides scholarships for students.