2017 Stewardship Campaign Update

The 2017 Stewardship Campaign for Central has passed the home stretch but the goals are still achievable. Here are the statistics as of  April 26, 2017:

Year #of Pledges Goal Amt Rec Goal
2017 140 150 $493K $500K

By almost every measure, we have much to be thankful for as we assess our campaign this year. We have increased the average gift by 10% and have exceeded our campaign from last year thus far by  $73K. An extremely big thank you for the generosity of all those who have pledged thus far. For those who have not pledged yet your gift could have a significant impact in addressing our financial challenges for the coming year. We are confident that our church family will respond as we have through all the other challenges.

If you have not pledged before, the process is really quite simple. Just send an email to and indicate what you can afford for the coming year. You can also fill out a pledge card and put it in the collection plate or return it to the office. We are hopeful that the next update will show that we have exceeded all of our goals. Thanks again for your generosity and support.

We will soon have a more energy efficient campus to house all the missions and ministries of the church. However, our debt will hinder the fulfillment of our dreams. What we do now will make a difference for years to come. We have engaged the services of Mr. G.C. Brown, of Brown Financial Group, to assist us in the implementation of a combined capital/budget campaign this Fall to raise funds and pledges toward our 2018 Operating Budget and to reduce the principal of our debt. You will be hearing much more about this initiative over the coming weeks.

Stewardship Team