Capital Campaign – July update

A message from Tom Collins

As a follow up from my remarks at Sunday’s service I would like to provide an update and status of the Capital Campaign for 2017. As you know, when we secured the loan for the new HVAC System from PCUSA we agreed that we would commit to a Capital Campaign to help re-pay the loan. In March we put together an advisory committee working under the supervision of the session to develop an initial plan for the campaign. One of the first actions that was taken was to recommend the hiring of a professional and experienced consultant to help us through this process. After talking to many other churches and our Presbytery about this approach, the session approved the hiring of Brown Financial Group. In addition we have formed a Leadership Team made up of 24 members of the congregation to help set the direction and vision of the campaign. At the service this past Sunday the following members of the congregation were introduced as your program leaders:

Lisa and Chris Kennedy, Sonja Miller and Tom Collins

Please feel free to contact the program leaders with any questions or suggestions you may have.

One of the primary goals of the campaign will be to retire the debt we have incurred as a result of the HVAC loan as soon as possible. But the real reason for the campaign is to continue to grow the mission of the church, as opposed to spending 10% of our budget on debt service!

You will be hearing much more about our vision and goals for the campaign in the coming weeks. You may even be approached by someone from the leadership team to actively participate in this effort. Because we intend to engage a large number of people, the tasks you will be asked to do will be light and manageable. This congregation has not dealt with a major financial campaign since the sanctuary was built in the 1950s. I am confident that as our creative hearts and minds come together we will do wonders.