Are you looking for ways to help during a time of crisis?

Sometimes during devastating natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, those of us who live close, but not close enough, desperately want to do something but not sure what.   CPC member Cristen English blogged about When a Community Needs Help, 5 tips to consider in a time of crisis.

Having lived through two major floods when I was in Bandera County, the two agencies I found to be most supportive were The American Red Cross and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Both of these agencies were on site, ready to assist, and both were tremendously helpful.

Another way you can donate is through The Central Texas Food Bank. They are continuing to work hard to provide food to local food banks, and in addition to that, they are purchasing boxes of ready to eat food; $25 provides 100 meals for those in need. If you would like to purchase a Disaster Food Box, please visit the CTFB Hurricane Harvey disaster relief site.

Please also remember our local folks who are in need of groceries. This week is Food on the First at Central, and as we do on the first Sunday of every month, we ask that you bring your donations of cereal, pasta, sugar, flour, rice, beans, or peanut butter to restock the Manos de Cristo food pantry.  They have been running low on food as they serve so many folks in need.

Thank you for your generous hearts and spirits, I hope this will give you some ideas of what you can do to help.

With love and gratitude,