SXSW 2018 Platinum Pass Raffle

SXSW is coming to Central Presbyterian Church once again, and that means we’ve got two Platinum Passes to give away!

These are the passes for all SXSW events – Music, Film, and Interactive – and if you take a look at the SXSW website, you’ll see that they’re worth over $1600 each.

However, you could win one for much less than that by entering CPC’s SXSW Platinum Pass Raffle!  For the incredibly low price of $20 per ticket, you’ll have a chance at getting one of these passes.  But wait, it just gets better – we’re selling a total of seventy-five tickets, and we’ll have two winners – each ticket has a double-chance to win!  (If you buy two raffle tickets, and they both win, you’ll have TWO Platinum Passes!)

Tickets are on sale now, in the church office.  The drawing will be held on Sunday, Mar 4th, during our noon Fellowship Hour. You need not be present to win.  Passes must be picked up in person at the SXSW office at the Austin Convention Center, starting Thursday, Mar 8th – see Win Bent (or the SXSW website) for details.  Sadly, the IRS does not consider raffle tickets to be deductible contributions to the church, so purchase only out of the goodness of your heart… and the thrill of that possible prize!

We’re only selling seventy-five tickets – when they’re gone, that’s it, so buy early and buy often.