Adult Sunday Morning Classes

Our Christian Education team works to provide a selection of consistently engaging, enriching classes for adults (and youth who want to attend). Please contact or if you have any feedback, questions, or are interested in leading a class.

When the World Is Being Torn Apart Where Is Our Refuge?
Led by Kent Miller
October 8th – October 29th, in Smoot Fellowship Hall
When times are tough and the world seems to be coming apart, we are driven to examine our basic beliefs, structures, knowledge, politics and faith. Is this time not now? Don’t we all reach upward and outward to find our bearings, anchors and direction—what is true? Who and where is God? Who am I and what is my future? To what authority do I give obedience? Is my faith strong enough to carry me through?

Such is the condition we are experiencing. Such was the condition 500 years ago when Martin Luther set in motion the Protestant Reformation. Maybe, just maybe some of the ways they answered these questions will give us directions for how we answer these questions for ourselves. So, come and let us affirm our Protestant heritage with gratitude so we can move forward in our modern life circumstances with strength even while the earth shakes and kingdoms totter.

Book Study
Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint, by Nadia Bolz-Weber
Led by Lisa Kennedy

It’s not too late to join the book study of Pastrix! We will have an online discussion through Goodreads. In addition, we will meet every other Thursday at 7 pm in the library on the following dates: October 5th, October 26th (not the 19th), November 2nd. For further information, please send email to Lisa.

Coming in January: Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Understanding & Understanding Our Calling, led by Sonja Miller – This class will be a continuation of the spring 2017 series, but new members are welcome!