Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q. How far in advance can we schedule our wedding?
A. We suggest you schedule as soon as you know for sure when you want your wedding. CPC is a popular venue for concerts, too and we often book a year in advance.

Q. What times are allowed?
A. Anytime from 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays. It may vary on other days, depending on the church’s schedule.

Q: What time may we arrive to the church for our wedding?
A: You may arrive 2 hours before your event. If you wish to have extra time, the cost is $45 per hour in increments of 1 hour. For summer services, the A/C doesn’t go on until 2 hours before the service, so if you are taking photos before your service we recommend scheduling at least 2 extra hours.

Q. May we bring alcoholic beverages into the church?
A. No. Any alcohol on premises will result in the forfeiture of your entire damage/rule deposit.

Q. May we serve Communion?
A. Yes, with Session approval. Please send an email through the head wedding director, addressed to the Session, asking them for permission. Because we believe communion is a sacrament for the whole congregation we require that it be offered to all gathered for Christian worship.

Q: How many people does the church hold?
A: The sanctuary’s capacity is 450 people; 350 on the floor level, and 100 in the rear balcony. Our Fellowship Hall holds 125 people.

Q. How many ushers do we need?
A. Generally you need 1 usher for every 50-75 people. We suggest at least 2 ushers who aren’t groomsmen, so we’ve got someone to close the doors after your attendants enter and then open them for the grand entrance.

Q. Do I need your wedding director, I’ve hired my own?
A. Our directors are most familiar with our church and how it works. We welcome independent coordinators to come and be your personal assistant, but our director will be the one to direct your rehearsal and wedding.

Q. When is my balance due?
A. The fee, which includes the church and any personnel (such as custodian, director, organist, pastor) which you have booked is due 1 month before your wedding. The $500 damage/rule deposit check is due 2 weeks before your service. It may be sent at the same time as the fees, but be sure to make it a separate check and mark it “damage/rule deposit” so that it won’t be deposited.

Scheduling FAQ

For more information, please see our Scheduling page.

Q. We want to get married Easter weekend, can we book that?
A. No. We do not host weddings on Easter weekend, due to the heavy workload of our staff that week.

Q. We want to get married on a Sunday, may we book that?
A. Members only are allowed to marry on Sundays.

Q. We want to have our wedding on New Year’s Eve, can we book that?
A. Members of at least 1 year’s standing may hold their wedding on New Year’s Eve, with a starting time no later than 6:30PM. As a holiday wedding, it must be booked at least 4 months in advance.

Pastor FAQ

Q. Is your pastor available for our service?
A. You may contact one of our pastors and inquire with them.

Q. What kind of counseling is required to be married at CPC?
A. If our pastors are officiating, you are required to have three pre-marital counseling sessions with them (in person or can be arranged via Skype if you’re out of town.)

Q. My friend got ordained on the Internet, may she officiate?
A. We require all pastors to be ordained by an accepted Christian denomination.

Q. One of us is Catholic, and we want to have our priest be a part of the service, is that possible?
A. Certainly, it is entirely up to your priest and your pastor to work this out. If your priest is willing to be the solo officiant, that is fine, too.

Decorating FAQ

For all info on decorating, see Guidelines for Flowers and Decorations.

Q. May our flower girl toss petals on the floor?
A. No. She may hand out flowers to people as she goes down the aisle (recommended for children at least 5 yr old), or may carry flowers, but we do not allow anything to be tossed on the floor.

Q. Can we decorate after the rehearsal?
A. Depends. We sometimes have other events during the day on Saturdays, memorials or recitals, for example. Because memorials may be booked as little as 2 days out, we can only give permission for decorating 2 days before your event. If you do it after the rehearsal, then you’ll need to pay for extra time at $45 per hour, increments of an hour, and that payment will be due at the rehearsal, made out to CPC and noted “for extra time.”

Q. We’re having a December wedding, how is the church decorated and may we change it?
A. We will have our Christmas tree in the center back of the chancel, garlands on the side and back balconies, with a wreath on each, and garlands on the chancel rails. Photos of the church decorated for Christmas can be found here. None of these may be changed. If you’d like to change out the color of the bows, you may do so, as long as they are changed back following your service. We add our poinsettias in the Thursday before the Sunday before Christmas, and they may not be moved.

The décor is generally up through the Sunday we celebrate Epiphany.

Q. How do we attach our pew decorations?
A. You will need to have pew clips. Some people use rubber bands or tie them on, but that doesn’t stay on very well if anyone brushes up against them. You may not use tape of any kind.

Q. What do you have we can use for decoration?
A. You may use our two chancel candles on their stands. We have 2 gray pedestals that are ~30” tall, and 1 nice wooden one that matches the woodwork in sanctuary that is ~40” tall. We have a Unity Candle stand (you provide the tapers and center pillar candle.) You need to provide clear plastic to go underneath the Unity Candle stand if you use it.

Q. Can we put an arrangement on the Communion Table?
A. Only Unity Candles and/or a family Bible is allowed on the Communion Table. With the Unity Candle set, you may have greenery or flowers around or underneath it.

Photography FAQ

For all info on photography/videography, see Guidelines for Photography and Videography.

Q. May our photographer and/or videographer be in the chancel with us during our service?
A. No- this is a worship service and a photographer moving around is very distracting to everyone. Photographers/videographers may be in one of the balconies or in the narthex during your service. They may set up an unstaffed camera in the choir loft, provided it is placed so that it is unobtrusive; this should be discussed with the wedding director.

Q. How do we get good photos of us during our vows, if no photographer in the chancel?
A. Your photographer can use a long lens for the actual ceremony and then you can “restage” the ring exchange for close up photos afterwards.

Q. We don’t want folks taking pictures all during our service, how can we stop this?
A. Put a note in your program that says something to the effect of “We want you to enjoy our service. We have a professional photographer taking photos, and will be posting them, so please, no photos of your own during the service.”