Sunday, May 29

11:00 AM

Traditional Worship & Children's Sunday School

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Deliberately Diverse & Fully Inclusive

We seek to be a deliberately diverse community of faith – our strength grows in proportion to the diversity of the voices in our midst. Our congregation is made up of a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds and socio-economic status; we are rich, poor, homeless, housed, black, white, gay and straight, and we gather together to live into our call to be the Body of Christ.

CPC News

CPC Transition Team

Our congregation’s Nominating Committee has selected the Transition Team. They are Martha Collins, Dan Chamberlin, Kendrick Torbey, Gary Gibbs, Gloria Walls, Will Slade, and Alice Day.

The Nominating Committee sought to create a committee of seven faithful people who would represent the diversity of the congregation as well as provide the wisdom, experience, and gifts necessary for the work ahead of them. The Transition Team will lead the congregation through a self-assessment study in the next 8-10 weeks. Because the Session and our liaison from the COM believed that it is wisest and most efficient to have those that lead the self-assessment also be responsible for searching for the next pastor the Session instructed the Nominating Committee to select a Transition Team that would be well qualified to become the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

The Transition Team was named less than a week ago but they have already had their first orientation meeting with Mark Ramsey, our liaison from COM. He provided some resources for accomplishing the self-assessment and outlined the process of searching for a new pastor. Once our self-assessment report is approved by the COM we will be given the go-ahead to call a meeting of the congregation to elect the PNC. The names listed above will be presented as the slate for the PNC. Their knowledge of the congregation and their front row seat to the self-assessment will equip them well to search for a pastor who possesses the faith, talent, and experience to be the next Senior Pastor for Central Presbyterian Church.

Please thank these individuals for taking on this important responsibility, and then keep them in your prayers. They will all need our support and encouragement. If you have any further questions about the process please feel free to contact me.

Scott Opsahl
Interim Pastor

Legacy Sunday remarks

Carmine Salvucci’s remarks for Legacy Sunday, May 8, 2016

We heard from Steve Brister last week how important our annual pledges and gifts are to the mission and ministries of this church.  And I believe each of us gives because Central is such an important part of our lives – for some of us, it has been an important part of our life for generations.

At some point, we all think about the legacy we hope to leave behind in the world– how we might leave this earth a better place than when we found it.  And certainly our annual tithing is an important part of that.  Another important part is how we might continue to help, long after we’re gone, through our estate plan.

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Q1 2016 Financial Update

One of the Finance Team’s goals this year is to increase our communication with the congregation regarding the church’s current financial health throughout the year.  For this purpose, we want to briefly highlight a few points related to the Q1 2016 Financial Update insert provided in your bulletin.

For the first quarter of 2016, CPC’s total income was $139,899 driven primarily by pledged giving.  Thank you for your generous contributions, both pledged offerings and gifts made without (or beyond) a pledge, as these support CPC’s ministry and programs.

For Q1, total expenses were $153,854 driven primarily by compensation for our pastors and staff.  Expenses are tracking closely with our budget expectations.  You may recall that we made some intentional and important decisions with regard to increased compensation for our pastors and staff.

In Q1 our expenses exceeded income by $14,955.  At reflected in our full year budget, we are headed toward a full year loss of about $45,000.

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