SXSW 2018 Platinum Pass Raffle

SXSW is coming to Central Presbyterian Church once again, and that means we’ve got two Platinum Passes to give away!

These are the passes for all SXSW events – Music, Film, and Interactive – and if you take a look at the SXSW website, you’ll see that they’re worth over $1600 each.

However, you could win one for much less than that by entering CPC’s SXSW Platinum Pass Raffle!  Read more…

12 Principles of Forgiveness

For the past two weeks, the lectionary Scripture passages for worship have focused on forgiveness. Jesus insists that forgiveness is a required — not optional — spiritual practice. Jesus lived in a constant state of forgiveness, and challenged his followers to do the same. Of course, that is easier said than done. In my sermon last week I referred to the Buddhist teacher and writer, Jack Kornfield, who beautifully outlines the Buddha’s 12 principles of forgiveness. With practice and patience, these principles can inspire us to live in Christ’s forgiving presence.

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Are you looking for ways to help during a time of crisis?

Sometimes during devastating natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, those of us who live close, but not close enough, desperately want to do something but not sure what.   CPC member Cristen English blogged about When a Community Needs Help, 5 tips to consider in a time of crisis.

Having lived through two major floods when I was in Bandera County, the two agencies I found to be most supportive were The American Red Cross and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Both of these agencies were on site, ready to assist, and both were tremendously helpful.

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Rev. Katheryn Barlow-Williams

Our Pastor, Rev. Katheryn Barlow-Williams, began leading worship on September 10, 2017.

The Rev. Katheryn Barlow-Williams is a native Texan who moved to New Jersey to attend Princeton Theological Seminary.  When she packed her car to travel across the country, Katheryn had every intention of returning home after graduation.  God had other plans.  She served two churches in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania before finally moving back to Texas to accept a call at Oak Hills Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, where she has been the pastor for the past 12 years.  Through service, preaching, and writing, Katheryn strives to connect the power of the Gospel to daily life.  She has devoted her ministry to building bridges across cultures and generations, helping people discover the unifying force of Christ’s love.

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Capital Campaign – July update

A message from Tom Collins

As a follow up from my remarks at Sunday’s service I would like to provide an update and status of the Capital Campaign for 2017. As you know, when we secured the loan for the new HVAC System from PCUSA we agreed that we would commit to a Capital Campaign to help re-pay the loan. In March we put together an advisory committee working under the supervision of the session to develop an initial plan for the campaign. One of the first actions that was taken was to recommend the hiring of a professional and experienced consultant to help us through this process. After talking to many other churches and our Presbytery about this approach, the session approved the hiring of Brown Financial Group. In addition we have formed a Leadership Team made up of 24 members of the congregation to help set the direction and vision of the campaign. Read more…