Booking Concerts and Other Events

Central Presbyterian Church welcomes the use of our facilities for events by both members and non-members. By so doing, we show support for artistic and other organizations as art of our mission to the greater Austin area. Central Presbyterian Church incurs costs in sharing our space and instruments. While needing to have participants share in these costs, we have sought to minimize fees.

Basic Fee per event:
$60/hour for Sanctuary only*
$60/hour for Smoot Fellowship Hall only*
$100/hour for Sanctuary and Smoot Hall*
– plus $50 surcharge if admission is charged or donations requested
– 2-hour minimum charge
Includes (see below for details):
– On-site CPC staff member
– One 2-hour rehearsal/setup time during business hours (9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri)

Additional time:
– Event time: $60/hour*
– Rehearsal/Setup during business hours: $30/hour*
– Rehearsal/Setup outside business hours: $60/hour*

NOTE: To confirm your reservation, a $50 deposit must accompany the Event Request form.
All fees are due to CPC by two weeks before the event.

* SXSW Rates: During the SXSW Music Festival (in 2017, Sat Mar 11 to Sun Mar 19), the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are $100/hour each, or $175/hour for both. Additional time is $100/hour. The reservation deposit is $100. Other charges apply; for details.

  1. Sanctuary use includes the entrance areas, library and restrooms only. Capacity is 450 (350 on the floor level, 100 in the rear balcony).
    Smoot Hall use includes the kitchen and alcove with restroom only. Capacity is 125.
  2. The presence of a CPC staff member is required. The staff member will unlock and lock the church, and regulate the air conditioner or heater as needed.
  3. When using Smoot Hall, CPC staff will set up tables and chairs ahead of time only if given a written plan. Setup and breakdown, if performed by CPC staff, is one hour in addition to the event time.
  4. Included in the fee for the event is one 2-hour rehearsal or pre-event time, to take place during hours the church is regularly open and not in use for other services, generally Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm.
    • The Sanctuary is unavailable Thursdays from 10am to 1pm
    • Smoot Hall is unavailable Thursdays from 11am to 2pm
    • Wednesday evening use of the Sanctuary must be cleared with the CPC Choir Director.
  5. No food or drinks (other than water for performers) are allowed in the Sanctuary or Library.
  6. For events for which an admission will be charged, requests must be approved by the pastoral staff, with the referral of CPC’s Director of Music Ministry and/or the Concert Director(s). When requesting such events, please include such information as the type of event, performers or speakers, equipment to be used, admission prices, sponsoring organization, and any other pertinent information on a separate sheet of paper and return to the church office with the Event Request form.
  7. Any royalty, copyright, or licensing fees due for the performance of protected materials are the responsibility of the performer(s) and/or agent, and not of Central Presbyterian Church or its employees or agents.
  8. The piano is tuned twice a year. Additional piano tuning, if desired, is the responsibility of the performer or sponsor, and may only be done by the church’s regular tuner, or if not available, by one approved by the Director of Music of CPC.
  9. You are responsible for all cleanup for all the rooms you use.

To request the use of Central Presbyterian’s facilities, please fill out and submit our Event Request Form.
The Request Form is temporarily out of service, so please just stating time, date, and a description of your event.
We will also need a signed copy of CPC’s Liability Statement.