Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement! We want to help make your ceremony a wonderful and memorable occasion for you. A wedding CPC is a Christian service performed by a minister, and we expect that participants will treat it as a special and dignified occasion. (That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!)

In addition to being one of the oldest churches in downtown Austin, we’re also one of the busiest. So, please start by checking the availability of your preferred date(s) with our office manager, (512-472-2445). We encourage you to make an appointment with Win for a tour of the church and sanctuary at this time.

As long as at least one of you is Christian, the ceremony can take place at CPC. It’s not necessary to be a member of this church. Any Christian pastor may perform the ceremony; an Internet or mail-order ordination is not acceptable.

As a service of Christian worship, the marriage is under the direction of the pastor. Celebration of the Lord’s Supper at the marriage service requires the approval of the Session, and care shall be taken that all present are invited to participate.

Important Documents

Who Does What


It is your responsibility to arrange the pastor – whether it is , , or a guest Christian pastor. We have a list of retired pastors that are often available in case ours are not. As noted above, Internet ordinations of guest pastors are not acceptable.

Our pastors require three pre-marital counseling sessions with each couple for whom they perform a marriage.

CPC pastors may exercise discretion in scheduling, music, and other wedding content.

Wedding Director

Use of one of CPC’s wedding directors is required for members and nonmembers alike. is our head wedding director and will be the main point of contact for any questions. Her phone number is 512-860-2244.

Our wedding director is for the rehearsal and ceremony only, not for all aspects of your wedding. He/she will facilitate the rehearsal (especially if there is a guest pastor) and ensure the procedures for photography/videography, decorations and parking are followed.

When an independent wedding coordinator is hired, he/she is welcome to attend the rehearsal as a guest. CPC’s wedding director will direct the rehearsal and ceremony, especially in the case of a guest pastor. At the ceremony, the independent wedding director is welcome as an assistant for the couple.

Office Manager

Win Bent books dates and gives tours. The church office is open Mon.-Fri. 9:00-4:00, and the phone number is 512-472-2445.


is CPC’s organist and should also be contacted to confirm availability for the desired date. Also, please refer to the Music section for more information about a guest organist.


Task Deadline (time before ceremony) Contact
Check date(s) ASAP Win Bent
Read all content on our website ASAP N/A
Attend at least one of our services Recommended N/A
Schedule a tour ASAP Win Bent
Submit reservation form (incl. pastor information) and applicable deposit ASAP Kathi Thomas
Schedule counseling sessions if using a CPC pastor ASAP after date confirmation Katheryn Barlow-Williams or Kim Smith-Stanley
If using a guest organist, schedule consultation Approx. 2 months Nathan Quiring
Submit sheet music for any special requests. 1 month Nathan Quiring
Submit information for the rehearsal 1 month Kathi Thomas
Provide name(s), contact information, and arrival time(s) for florist, decorator, photographer, and videographer, as applicable. 1 month Kathi Thomas
Request additional time for ceremony, rehearsal, or reception, as applicable. 1 month (3 months if a holiday weekend) Kathi Thomas
Request use of the nursery, if desired 1 month Kathi Thomas
All fees due 1 month CPC Bookkeeper
Arrange parking, if desired 3 weeks Kathi Thomas
Signed guidelines for flowers/decorations and photography/videography due 2 weeks Kathi Thomas